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Essay on malaria

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     It is one of the ten deadliest diseases of all time. It effects men, women, children, and animals. It is in full force in Africa, India, Asia, China, South America, and the Caribbean. This disease is malaria. Nearly 40 percent of the world’s population lives in areas that are effected by the disease.
     Malaria is a serious, infectious disease spread by certain mosquitoes. It is caused by infection with the Plasmodium genus of the protozoan parasite. More than one hundred species of this parasite exist. It is capable of infecting reptiles, birds, rodents, and primates. Four species infect human beings, the most common being P.vivax and P. falciparum.…show more content…

The period between the two is usually 8 and 12 days for falciparum malaria, and up to a month for other types. Symptoms from some strains of P.Vivax may not be seen for up to 8-10 months.
     The primary symptom of all types of malaria is the “malaria ague” (chills and fever). In most cases the fever has three stages. Uncontrollable shivering for an hour or two, followed by a rapid rise in temperature as high as (106 degrees) which lasts for three hours. Then just as suddenly the patient begins to sweat profusely. Other symptoms may include fatigue, severe headache, or nausea and vomiting. As the sweat goes away the patient feels weak and falls asleep. In many cases this cycle of chills, fever, and sweating occurs every other day, or they may last for between a week and a month. Those with the chronic form of malaria may have a relapse as long as 50 years after the initial infection.
     Falciparum malaria is far more severe than other types of malaria because the parasite attacks all red blood cells, not just the young or old cells, as do other types. It causes the red blood cells to become very “sticky”. A patient with this type can die within hours of the first symptoms. The fever is prolonged. So many red blood cells are destroyed that they block the blood vessels in vital organs (especially the kidneys) and the spleen can become enlarged. There may be brain damage,

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