Ac Dead Letters Assignment

Dead Letters


While investigating a haunted carriage, a weary Assassin receives a personal letter from a complete stranger.

Memory type

Charles Dickens memory

Full sync

Hijack the carriage in less than 2 minutes

Dead Letters was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


The Ghost Club investigated a broken carriage.


The Ghost Club headed to a junkyard.

  • Dickens: You seem tired, friend. Everything all right?
  • Jacob: No rest for the wicked, Charlie.
  • Evie: There's always too much work to do.
  • Dickens: Today's Ghost Club investigation involves a carriage! It's said to be covered with gold leaf, dazzling passersby when the sun shines! Naturally, it's rumored to be haunted. Now let's see if we can find it!

They investigated the broken carriage.

  • Jacob: I presume this was once used to carry the mail. [Yawns] That actually looks remarkably comfortable.
  • Evie: The Royal Mall coaches vanished when the post began to be transported by rail. Oh, I'd rather enjoy a sit down. But duty calls.

Feeling drowsy, the Frye twin suddenly fell asleep. Waking up, Jacob or Evie discovered a love letter addressed to a Frye from Elizabeth and some tracks.

  • Jacob:What the devil?
  • Evie: That's curious.

A woman in a cart suddenly called for help.

  • Woman: Help! Please, someone, help me! Please, someone help me! I have been torn from my home and family by these villains! This will not work, sir! You may kidnap me but you will never have me!

The twin hijacked the kidnapper's carriage.

  • Woman: Who's there? Are you a friend?
  • Jacob: Yes, madam, don't worry, you're safe.
  • Evie: Yes, you're safe. You don't have to worry any more.
  • Woman: Oh, you've saved me. That wretch would have forced me to marry him within the hour. I must return home. Oh! His accomplices will surely murder you! Quickly, we have not a moment to lose.
  • Jacob: Right you are, miss.
  • Evie: Of course.

They were pursued by the kidnapper's accomplices and the Assassin was forced to defend their carriage.

  • Woman: We've lost them. Thank you, you have been a great help. Will you please take me home? I owe you my thanks, you have gone to a great deal of trouble for someone you don't even know! What is your name?
  • Jacob: Jacob Frye, Miss.
  • Evie: Evie Frye.

The twin returned the woman home.

  • Woman: You have preserved my honour and saved my life. I am Elizabeth. Won't you climb down and sit beside me, so that I may see your face?
  • Jacob: Miss? Where are you?
  • Evie: Where is she?

There was no woman inside the carriage and the Assassin instead found a letter of goodbye from a woman named Elizabeth. The Frye suddenly woke up, finding the encounter only a dream.

  • Dickens: You look as though you're just about to collapse! What on Earth has happened?
  • Jacob: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
  • Evie: Just a dream... Or so I think...


The Frye twin realized that the encounter with Elizabeth was just a peculiar dream.


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Current format[edit]

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Older format[edit]

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