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Sports Should be made Compulsory in Schools 


Sports ImpartCharacter

Games are essential and anecessity for children. Physicalexercise keeps the body fit andtrim, thus ensuring healthyeating habits. If there are nogames for children inschool, theytend to getweary andbored of school routine, and studiesbecome a drag. It has beenshown that if you are overweightyou are more likely to develophealth problems, such as heartdisease, stroke, diabetes,certain type of cancer, gout (jointpain) and gallbladder disease.Research has also shown thatstudents taking part in sportshave better academicperformance than those whowere not exposed to physicalgames. Games also boostcharacter building and preparechildren for leadership roles.Outdoor games arerecreational and ensure thatchildren are exposed to fresh air and exercise, which they mightnot get at home, the televisionand the computer draggingthem away from any forms of physical workout. Children alsodevelop a coordination of eyeand limbs. They learn to be moresocial and outspoken. Theylearn to deal better with their fears, think more independentlyand become apt at disregardinglittle bruises and fusses.So, since outdoor gamesand sports open a door tofreedom of mind, sports shouldbe encouraged in all schoolsand should be supported by allparents, because the children of today are the hopes of tomorrow.

Owaiz Yusufi

Class VI, Career Convent CollegeLucknow

Daily Dose of Sports

The first decision-making abilitystarts when a child steps on tothe playground with friends.Sports activities bring out manyqualities in astudent. Sincesports helpthem inhalemore air/oxygenbringingstrength to thebody, the body grows healthyand the brain becomes sharper,thus helping the student to dowell in studies as well. It willnot be wrong to say that thephysical, social and intellectualdevelopment of kids starts in theplayground. Besides, due to lackof sports activities, students/kids gain weight, which ishazardous to their health.Sports are considered to be themost comprehensive exercisefor kids. I think kids should beprovided at least one sportsperiod everyday to make themgrow as happier, healthier andmore responsible humansbeings.

Vibhor Mudgil

Class VIII, DPS, Indirapuram

All RoundDevelopment

Education means all rounddevelopment of personality i.e.physical, mental, aesthetic andspiritual. As children grow, theyneed balanced development of both the body and the mindespecially up to the teens whenthey spend a major part of theday in school. At least one hour of sports of any kind is essentialto recharge the minds of thechildren for better concentration. Schools are notfor studies only. This narrowsense of education is to becorrected in the minds of theparents as well. Of course,sports and games would befollowed by schools dependingon the sports infrastructure theypossess. In today’s enclosedcolonies with severe crunch of playing fields, sports in schoolscan be extremely beneficial for children.

Swapan Rudra

Sonamukhi, Bankura (W.B.)

Best Cure

Sports are like medicine for thehealth of children. Withoutimprovement in health we cannever build a good humanbeing. So if sports are madecompulsory for all then humanhealth is protected by sports justlike cancer is protected bychemotherapy. Also school isthe first stage of health so it isthe best time of taking treatmentin the form of sports for totalcure.

Md. Mahatab

Santiniketan (W.B.)

No Compulsion

No doubt, apart from studies,sports and exercises are alsonecessary for students, butmaking it compulsory meansschools haveto organizesports dayanyhowotherwise itmay be takento task by theadministration.So it will disrupt the studyenvironment. Therefore, itshould be left to the schoolmanagement to hold sportsevents occasionally.

Shayan Ghani

Patna, Bihar

Develop a SportsCulture

I do not think there can be anycounterpoint of this statement.Being a country that barelymanages two or three medalsin the Olympics, it should bemandatory for schools toprovide sports facilities for students. This will not onlykindle the passion for sportsamong students but will alsocreate a sporty atmosphere inthe whole of India. Coupledwith this it will also addressgrowing concern over healthissues viz. obesity that iscommon among students goingto schools, especially in urbanareas.

Abhishek Anand

Sports for aHealthy Body

To improve the power of thinking we need a healthy mindand a healthy mind demands ahealthy body. Sports play animportant role in keeping usphysically fit. Today, with rapidlygrowing population andreducing numbers of playgrounds, students prefer toplay computer and video games.In schools they are providedwith proper facilities to playsports. But it should not bemade compulsory. Instead weshould try to make theminterested in sports and this canbe done by employing goodsports teachers. Through sportsour purpose is to make thestudents physically healthy andthis will be possible only whenthey get interested in sports.

Dhritiman Kakati

Some MoreOlympic Medals

Certainly, sport should be madecompulsory in school. Not onlyon paper but also in practicalterms. It will make childrenhealthy not only physically butalso mentally. It will also createa feeling of teamwork amongthem from their early childhood.There are a lot of games being

IELTS Essay Topic:

Do you believe games and sports should be made compulsory for students?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Essay:
I am quite positive that physical activities and brain teasing games should be made mandatory for students. One of the reasons that I have this opinion is because physical exercise helps students to make better and faster decisions. A related reason is because exercise has an effect on the overall health of the brain. Most physical exercise involves games and other activities that require action, and sometimes performing a task or answering a question.

Sometimes, we participate in activities that require a strong memory and the use of intelligence. For example, games such as puzzles are a good way to start the day. The brain will start to work properly with the aid of these types of games. It will work to full capacity while solving puzzles and will then be ready to move on to something else, like lectures or other academic activities. “A healthy mind is a healthy brain.” This is a quote that we often hear from the elderly. If we immediately start the day with academic activities, it will be difficult for the brain to properly function.

However, if we begin the day with physical exercise, it will be easier for us to switch from enjoyable activities to more serious study. A perfect way to start the day at school would be to begin with 20-30 minutes of physical activity. After participating in some games involving exercise, students will be more relaxed and ready to apply themselves to their studies. They will learn faster and will be able to retain knowledge better.

Just as the body requires physical exercise in order to perform to its optimum level, the brain also benefits from regular physical activity. It is my firm belief that students must give equal importance to the value of the effect that physical exercise has on the brain as well as it does on the body.

[ Written by – Busra Cangut ]

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