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2013 marks the seventy-fifth birthday of America’s first and best-known superhero. People have been writing about Superman since his birth in 1938, and even in this age of super-fast digital media, publishers are still delivering books on the topic. Hot off the press are three new books that will satisfy even the most avid fans of Superman, as well as readers who are interested in learning more about the connection between Superman and Judaism.

According to Superman biographer Larry Tye, the late mayor of NYC, Ed Koch, toasted Superman on his fiftieth birthday with the traditional blessing, “may you live to 120!” But is Superman Jewish? Tye shows how Superman’s values can be claimed by all major religions, while Harry Brod answers with a resounding yes, not only in reference to Superman’s religious affiliation, but to that of most of the other well-known superheroes. Rick Brower’s book shows how America’s favorite superhero tackled the machine of hate known as the Ku Klux Klan and, in the process, won the respect of millions of fans.

Tye’s book is the most comprehensive biography ever written about Superman. It covers the Man of Steel’s entire life, from birth to death to rebirth (since most superheroes (and villains) rarely stay dead in the realm of comics). Tye explores the entire cast of characters in Superman’s world, from Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White to Lex Luthor, Mr. Mxyxptlk, and other archenemies. He traces Superman’s appearances from the very first comic book and comic strips to early radio and TV cartoons, then to live action TV shows, movies, and even a Broadway show. The Man of Steel was eagerly co-opted by advertisers as an icon of American values; from war bonds urging citizens to support their troops, to cereal boxes exhorting children to eat healthy, Superman was on hand to deliver the message.

Integral to the story of Superman is the saga of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the Jewish teenagers who created the superhero as a way to escape from their lives as poor immigrants in Cleveland, Ohio. Tye delves deeply into the lives of Siegel and Shuster, and threads their successes and failures, both in the publishing world and in their home lives, throughout the book. Interwoven with the tale of Siegel and Shuster is the birth of the comics industry and the impact that comics had on society. Tye’s entertaining and informative biography has extensive notes, a comprehensive bibliography, and even an appendix with Superman’s curriculum vitae. A center section contains photographs of Siegel and Schuster, images of Superman as his image changed in the hands of different artists, as well as photographs of the actors who brought Superman to life in radio, TV, and movies.

Brod takes the story of Siegel and Shuster and expands it beyond Superman to encompass the Jewish roots of other superheroes. His stated aim is to show the influence of Jews and Judaism on comics, and he achieves his goal with copious examples and a good dose of humor. Moving from Superman through the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, Brod takes readers on a whirlwind journey through history’s most influential comic book authors. The big names are all here: Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Joe Kubert, Art Spiegelman. There is even a chapter that looks at comics originating outside of the United States; notable authors, such as Rutu Modan from Israel and Joann Sfar from France are given ample space. Brod’s book packs a lot into barely 200 pages; it could easily be used as a textbook for a course on the influence of Jews in the comic book industry. Detailed notes round out the volume.

As the slogan goes, Superman fights for “truth, justice, and the American way.” This sentiment was tested in 1946, when the caped crusader battled the Ku Klux Klan on live radio. Bowers traces the rise of both Superman and the KKK in his gripping account aimed at younger readers, but just as suitable for adults. As in Tye’s biography, Bowers begins at the beginning, describing the lives of Siegel and Shuster and their efforts to bring forth a hero to help lift them out of their impoverished lives. He addresses the question of Superman’s Jewishness by acknowledging the similarities that other authors have debated over the years: the Hebrew-sounding name of Kal-El, the Moses-like exile to another world, and the embodiment of tikkun olam that makes Superman a hero. However, Bowers affirms that “What Superman wasn’t was just as important as what he was…The Superman character offered a little bit to everyone…he was the quintessential American.” Therefore, as a quintessential American, it was Superman’s duty to confront racism and anti-Semitism, and to do his part to enlighten his fans about the evils of the KKK. Bowers introduces readers to a real hero, Stetson Kennedy, who helped infiltrate the KKK and bring awareness to the public. In June 1946, the forces of good collided with the forces of hate, and the 16-part “Clan of the Fiery Cross” was presented on live radio. In the story, Superman, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White triumph over hate. The resulting awareness worked to weaken the KKK, and Superman’s message of tolerance was received to great acclaim. Bowers’s book contains historical photographs, a bibliography, notes, and an index, making this high-quality book a perfect resource for American history students and buffs.

In order to fully celebrate Superman’s seventy-fifth birthday, first read Superman is Jewish? for its overview of superheroes and the Jews who created them. Then read Superman, the biography, for its thorough focus on the Man of Steel. Finish off with Superman Versus the KKK to get a detailed example of how Superman became so intertwined with American life and values. Then get in line for Man of Steel, the newest Superman movie, slated to be released in theaters on June 14, 2013.

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There are many skilled Superman writers, but my all-time favorite is Elliot S! Maggin. This bibliography of his Superman stories is a work in progress and is not complete. If you know of an Elliot S! Maggin Superman piece that is not listed here, notice any errors, or can contribute any missing information, please contact us. Thanks!

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Action ComicsDC Comics PresentsJustice League of America
SupermanWorld's FinestThe Superman Family



Issue #Cover DateCodeTitleCredit as ListedComments
247Jan 1972MF"Must There Be a Superman?"StoryES!M's first Superman story; The Guardians; More info
251May 1972BF"The Day Krypton Didn't Die!"ScriptThe Fabulous World of Krypton
257Oct 1972BF"The Greatest Green Lantern of All!"Story"From an idea by Neal Adams"
The Fabulous World of Krypton
Tomar-Re; More info; read this story
260Jan 1973MF"Keeper of the Eternal Flame!"StoryValdemar
260Jan 1973BF"Let My People Live!"StoryThe Fabulous World of Krypton
262Mar 1973 MF"The Skyscraper That Screamed For It's Life!"Story 
262Mar 1973BF"Puzzle of the Telepathic Twins!"StoryThe Private Life of Clark Kent
263Apr 1973MF"Man of Molten Steel!"Story
264May 1973BF"The Headband Warriors of Krypton!"ScriptThe Fabulous World of Krypton
265Jul 1973SF"Attack By the Army of Tomorrow!"Story 
266Aug 1973 MF"The Nightmare Maker!"? 
266Aug 1973BF"The Face on the Falling Star!"?The Fabulous World of Krypton
267Sep 1973MF"World Beneath the North Pole!"Story 
267Sep 1973BF"The Man in the Public Eye!"StoryThe Private Life of Clark Kent
268Oct 1973MF"Wild Week-End In Washington!"StoryGuest stars Batgirl; Batman cameo
268Oct 1973BF"A Tale of Time and Tide"StoryFabulous World of Krypton
270Dec 1973MF"The Viking From Valhalla!"Story 
270Dec 1973BF"I Can't Go Home Again"StoryThe Private Life of Clark Kent
271Jan 1974MF"The Man Who Murdered Metropolis"WriterBrainiac
271Jan 1974BF"The Warriors of Lightning Valley"StoryThe Fabulous World of Krypton
273 Mar 1974 MF"The Wizard with the Golden Eye!"Writer 
273Mar 1974BF"Blind Date!"StoryThe Private Life of Clark Kent
274Apr 1974SF"Protectors of Earth, Inc."Writer 
275May 1974 BF"The Princess and the Glass Treeman!"StoryThe Fabulous World of Krypton
276Jun 1974SF"Make Way For Captain Thunder!"?Introduction of Captain Thunder
277Jul 1974MF"The Biggest Game in Town!"Words 
279Sep 1974MF"Menace of the Energy-blackmailers!"StoryThe greatest hero of them all - co-starring the flame-haired woman of shadows;
Cover of this issue
280Oct 1974MF"Duel of the Diamond Demons!"Story 
282Dec 1974MF"Lex Luthor -- Super Scalp-hunter!"StoryLex Luthor
a review
283Jan 1975BF"One of Our Imps is Missing!"StoryMr. Mxyzptlk
285Mar 1975MF"Search For the 'Impossible' Man"Writer 
286Apr 1975MF"The Parasite's Power Play!"WriterLex Luthor and Parasite
287 May 1975MF"Who was that dog I saw you with last night?"WriterBy popular demand!
The return of Krypto!
290 Aug 1975 BF"Babble, Babble, Toil and Trouble!"StoryMr. Mxyzptlk
292Oct 1975MF"The Luthor Nobody Knows!"WriterLex Luthor; read this story
293Nov 1975SF"The Miracle of Thirsty Thursday!"WriterPre-cursor to Miracle Monday
295Jan 1976SF"Costume, Costume -- Who's Got the Costume?"WriterXenofobe
296Feb 1976 SF, P1"Who took the SUPER out of SUPERMAN!"Co-writer"The most spectacular crisis ever to challenge the Man of Steel!";
Cover of this issue
297Mar 1976 SF, P2"Clark Kent Forever -- Superman Never!"Co-writerThe Dinner Date331 K
298Apr 1976SF, P3"Clark Kent, Get Out of My Life!"Co-writerAgent Xviar; a review
299May 1976SF, P4"The Double-or-Nothing Life of Superman!"Co-writerMr. Xavier
300Jun 1976 SF"Superman, 2001!"Co-writerCover of this issue
302Aug 1976SF"Seven-foot-two... and Still Growing!"WriterLex Luthor
376Oct 1982MF"The Ozone-Master Comes Calling!"WriterBack-up feature segues into The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1 (No ES!M content)
390Dec 1983 SF, P1"Lost On a Comet!"WordsVartox!
391Jan 1984 SF, P2"Who Stole the Newswoman of the Year!"
Co-writerVartox; Cover of this issue
392Feb 1984 SF, P3"If a Body Meets a Body..."Co-writer 
394 Apr 1984 SF, P1"The Man Who Would Be President!"WriterValdemar
395 May 1984 SF, P2"The Power and the People"WriterValdemar
400Oct 1984 S!"The Living Legends of Superman"
(Introduction & Legends 1-6)
WriterLegend 7 by Jim Steranko;
Superman celebrates Miracle Monday;
More info
411 Sep 1985 SF"The Last Earth-Prime Story"Co-writer Special Guest: Julie Schwartz
414Dec 1985 SF, CX"Revenge is Life -- Death to Superman!"WriterMourning of Supergirl; Superman Revenge Squad
See DC Comics Presents #87
416 Feb 1986 MF, P1"The Einstein Connection!"WriterLex Luthor
416Feb 1986BF, P2"The Ghost of Superman Future!"WriterCover of this issue
417Mar 1986SF"Warrior of Mars!"Writer 
419May 1986SF"The Man Who Murdered Evil!"Story & Concept 
420Jun 1986SF"...And We Are the Dreamers of the Dreams!"Writer 
Annual 91983MF"Villain, Villain, Who's Got the Villain?"WriterWorld's Finest team vs. Lex Luthor
Annual 91983BF "I Flew With Superman!"CopyFeatures Curt Swan; Splash page
Annual 101984SF"The Day the Cheering Stopped!"
WriterThe Sword of Superman; Superman's destiny revealed; Cover of this issue;
read the story
      BF: Back-up Feature
      CX: Crisis On Infinite Earths cross-over
      MF: Main Feature in a multi-feature issue
      P1: Part One of a multi-part story
      P2: Part Two of a multi-part story
      P3: Part Three of a multi-part story
      SF: Single-Feature issue

Action Comics:

    Elliot Maggin has written various back-up features for Action Comics, including Green Arrow, Black Canary and Atom stories that are in issues not mentioned below.  Since these back-up features are not Superman stories, they are not necessarily listed here.  Similarly, some of these issues may not actually have any Superman stories in them, as I have not yet been able to check each one.
Issue #Cover DateCodeTitleCredit as ListedComments
420Feb 1973MF"The Made-To-Order Menace"StoryIntroduction of Towbee the Singer
424Jun 1973MF"Gorilla Grodd's Grandstand Play!"StoryGorilla Grodd
429Nov 1973MF"The Man Who Wrote Superman's Obituary!"Story 
437Jul 1974MF"Magic is Bustin' Out All Over!"WriterSuperman and Green Arrow
440Oct 1974MF"The Man Who Betrayed Krypton!"Writer 
440Oct 1974BF, P1"Little Dog Lost"WriterThis is a Green Arrow back-up feature guest starring what may be a Krypto with amnesia
441Nov 1974BF, P2"The Mystery of the Wandering Dog"ScriptThis is a Green Arrow back-up feature guest starring what may be a Krypto with amnesia
443Jan 1975MF"At Last! Clark Kent -- Super-hero!"StorySuperman with the Justice League of America
447May 1975MF"The Man Who Created Superman!"WriterElliot in Action
448June 1975MF"Don't Get Off On the 13th Floor!"Story 
449Jul 1975MF"My Best Friend -- the Super-spy!"WriterAlso has a Jack Kirby Golden-Age Green Arrow back-up feature
455Jan 1976MF"Junkman - the Recycled Superstar!"Story
456Feb 1976BF"Bail Out the Nutty Kid"StoryGreen Arrow and Black Canary backup feature
457Mar 1976BF"Flight of the Nutty Kid!" Green Arrow and Black Canary backup feature
458Apr 1976MF"Make Me a Super-Hero!" StoryBlackrock
458 Apr 1976BF"Masquerade of the Nutty Kid!" StoryThis is a Green Arrow & Black Canary back-up feature guest starring Lex Luthor
459May 1976MF"Superman's Big Crack-up!"WriterBlackrock
460Jun 1976BF"Welcome Home to Mxyzpolis!"WriterMr. Mxyzptlk back-up feature
461Jul 1976BF"The Toughest Newsboy In Town!"blotched outPerry White back-up feature;
Elliot quit DC over this story
568 Jun 1985MF"Disappearing Act!"Writer 
571Sep 1985SF"Mission to Earth!"WriterCover of this issue
642 Mar 1989 SF, PB"Where There is a Will...!"
WriterClark Kent; Origin and study of Green Lantern;
Edited by Mark Waid; Cover of this issue
      MF: Main Feature in a multi-feature issue
      P1: Part One of a multi-part story
      SF: Single-Feature issue

DC Comics Presents:

      CX: Crisis On Infinite Earths cross-over
      SF: Single-Feature issue

The Superman Family:

Issue #Cover DateCodeTitleCredit as ListedComments
165Jun-Jul 1974MF"Princess of the Golden Sun!"WriterSupergirl
168Dec-Jan 1974/75MF"The Girl With the See-Through Mind!"StorySupergirl; with Lena Thorul (Lex Luthor's sister)
171Jun-Jul 1975MF"Cleopatra Queen of America"WriterSupergirl; Guest stars the JLA and Batgirl
174Jan 1976MF"Eyes of the Serpent"WriterSupergirl
177Jun-Jul 1976MF"Bride of the Stars"Scripted bySupergirl
      MF: Main Feature in a multi-feature issue
    I'm pretty sure that he did more issues of Superman Family...

World's Finest:

Issue #Cover DateCodeTitleCredit as ListedComments
210Mar 1972 "World of Faceless Slaves"?Superman and Green Arrow; sequel to GA story in Green Lantern #87
213Sep 1972 "Peril in a Very Small Place"?Superman and The Atom

Justice League of America:

Issue #Cover DateCodeTitleCredit as ListedComments
117April 1975SF"I Have No Wings And I Must Fly!"WriterReturn of Hawkman to JLA
118May 1975SF, P1"Takeover of the Earth-masters!"Writer 
119Jun 1975SF, P2"Winner Takes the Earth!"WriterAn epic of cosmic proportions
123Oct 1975P1"Where On Earth Am I?"Co-writer with Cary BatesJLA/JSA teamup;
cameos by Elliot Maggin, Cary Bates, and Julius Schwartz
Scene from this issue
124Nov 1975P2"Avenging Ghosts of the Justice Society"Co-writer with Cary BatesJLA/JSA teamup;
cameos by Elliot Maggin, Cary Bates, and Julius Schwartz

The Joker

Issue #Cover DateCodeTitleCredit as ListedComments
 May-June 1976SF"Luthor - You're Driving Me Sane!"ScriptGuest stars Lex Luthor;
Great Luthor appearance!

In addition to his work on Superman, Elliot S! Maggin has written for TV, has co-written a Generation-X novel, has edited various comic books (including Challengers of the Unknown), and has written for many non-Superman comic books including: Archie's Super-Teens, Atari Force, Batman, Detective Comics, Ellison's Dark Corridors, Elseworlds, Green Arrow, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Joker, Justice League of America, Marvel Classics, Peter Parker, Shazam, Star Raiders, Strange Sports Stories, Total Recall, Wonder Woman, etc. Since tracking down all of his work would take up far too much of my time and since I am mainly interested in his Superman stories, this bibliography attempts to list only his Superman-related writings, not everything that he has ever done.

Contributors include: Michael Bond, Derek T. Doyle, Jim Ford, Michael R. Grabois, Bob Heer, Howard J. Margolin, Lou Mougin, and Nathaniel Morgan.
Last updated 1 September 1999 - Please contact us to contribute any missing information. Thanks!

This page is a fannish production is not affilliated with Elliot Maggin, DC Comics, or Warner Brothers.

If you like the Super-Stories of Elliot S! Maggin and/or Jeph Loeb and are looking for similar authors, you may want to check out the fan-fiction of Samuel Hawkins.

Superman © DC Comics, Joanne Siegel, and Laura Siegel Larson, TM DC Comics.

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