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While some students glide effortlessly through their high school chemistry classes, many students find chemistry assignments to be one of the more stressful parts of their high school experience. Formulas, moles, and reactions can all be tricky concepts to master. However, there are a bevy of great websites to help you get through it.

Homework Help Websites

Imagine that you're really frustrated about the chemistry assignment given to you by your teacher. Perhaps it's late at night, and your friends wouldn't be too happy if you called them for help with the assignment. Your parents have forgotten how to work those pesky chemistry problems. Where can you turn? The following websites can help you understand chemistry better and can help you in solving some of your assigned problems.

  • Mr. Ferwerda's High School Chemistry Help Page is a helpful website based on information from Chemistry, 2008 edition by Wilbraham and published by Prentice-Hall. This site features laboratory help, online quizzes, and a plethora of useful information for high school chemistry students.
  • PATH - PATH stands for Pupils Ask, Teachers Help. This free online site offers online chat and email help for students in high school. If you're stuck on a problem, this is a good place to ask for help!
  • Mr. Guch offers a humorous approach to a weighty subject. This site includes a chemistry glossary, practice worksheets, and a very interesting section called "Mr. Guch Explains." Not only can you find relief when you get stuck on chemistry homework, but this website may also help you enjoy it. For a free service, that's priceless.
  • Chem Tutor is a simply designed website that allows easy access to in-depth information. It can be used to help you form a study guide before a test or to get information on a wide variety of chemistry-related topics.
  • Chemistry Lecture Notes is written by a teacher to help students. It includes diagrams, charts, and other useful interactive tools to help students break through their trouble areas in chemistry and gain a more thorough understanding of this complex subject.


Sometimes the answer for your chemistry woes won't be solved in a single night. For ongoing thoughts and concerns regarding chemistry that you'd like to voice online, peruse these student-friendly websites that are just right for high school students.

  • Pro Quest requires you to obtain a username and password from your teacher or school librarian first. You can send your questions and expect a quick response from this website. They can even help you with research projects.
  • My Chemistry Tutor offers an incredible amount of information on chemistry that won't cost you a dime! Visit the chemistry forums to discuss problems or to search for information on your next project.


You may need to watch something being done to grasp the concept for yourself. If you are a visual learner, you may find that you can quickly understand a concept once it's demonstrated for you in a video. The following websites offer a plethora of videos to help you excel in chemistry no matter what your starting level is.

  • Khan Academy includes videos suitable for high school and college students, so even advanced chemistry students will find useful clips to view here. This not-for-profit organization provides dozens of hours of thorough chemistry instruction.
  • GPB Education has a series of videos on chemistry available for students to stream. Each 30-minute episode features an educator that goes in depth on the topic, and you can follow along to learn what you may have missed in the classroom.

Chemistry Projects

So you need to complete a chemistry project, or write a science paper? If you're looking for these types of resources, consider the following websites. Just be sure to ask an adult before starting any chemistry experiment. Better safe than grounded, right?

  • Info Please is a website with all the answers. It boasts a great virtual chemistry lab, which can help you understand how certain reactions actually work. It includes a glossary of common terms and ideas for your next chemistry project.
  • All Science Fair Projects contains over 500 ideas for your next science fair project, including chemistry experiments that may have you wondering exactly some projects can be completed. Take on what looks fun and new to you.
  • Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab is a cool place to learn about chemistry and get ideas for your next chemistry project or experiment. It's a light-hearted place to play around and find inspiration, and it welcomes you and your younger siblings. Don't forget your goggles!
  • Homeschooling Chemistry offers loads of cool chemistry experiments, virtual software, games, and lesson plans. As you look through the many features of this website, you may find that some of its pages inspire the sort of chemistry project that you want to work on.

Getting Help

Don't forget that your teacher is always the first person you should go to for help. Also, avoid waiting until the last minute to get help when you need it. A lack of planning on your part doesn't mean that your science teacher will view that as an emergency. If you come to her with plenty of time to spare, though, you'll probably be delighted at how much she wants to help you. Finally, don't be afraid to ask questions; there is no such thing as a dumb question. Be an advocate for your education, and you'll begin to see how it can be a pleasant part of your life.

Chemistry - The Central Science

Chemistry is also often referred to as “the central science”.  In fact, that is the title of a common college textbook:  Chemistry, The Central Science.  This moniker is because the field of chemistry overlaps with so many other branches of science that it is considered a central connecting point for these various fields of study.  This is easy to understand when we consider the definition of chemistry.

Merriam-Webster.com  defines chemistry as “a science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo”.  Another way to define chemistry is “the branch of science concerned with the study of matter and its changes”.  Since our entire world is made out of matter - physical “stuff” - chemistry helps us to understand everything we may encounter in physical form.  Anything you can see or touch is made out of matter!

Physics and Biology are prime examples of this overlap.  One cannot study physics without learning about charged particles such as protons and electrons, and basic atomic structure.  In physics, energy transfers and phase changes are also studied, such as the way ice melts and water boils.  Biology also cannot be thoroughly studied without understanding various types of organic and biological molecules that are key to biochemical pathways in cells and which influence how they function.  For example, the chemical structures of various fats and lipids are key to understanding their function in cell membranes. 

Other branches of science such as Earth Science also depend on a basic understanding of chemistry.  Environmental Science cannot be studied without some chemistry knowledge, which is needed to understand how various pollutants travel through the ecosystem and affect plants, animals, and humans.  Geology and Mineralogy are essentially the study of various rocks and minerals, and these minerals and rocks are simply inorganic compounds found in specific ratios.  There is really no escaping chemistry when you study any branch of natural science.

Studying chemistry, however, can be its own reward.  “Better living through chemistry” is an expression that may refer to chemical advances that affect and enhance our lives directly through advances in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.  Pharmaceutical chemistry can be described as complex and coordinated combination of Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Medicine, Physiology and  Pharmacology.

Developments in Polymer Chemistry and Materials Science also significantly affect our quality of life, both in the present and expected in the future.  Synthetic polymers are used for a wide variety of medical purposes, from dental applications to artificial organs including hearts, lungs and kidneys.  Our natural environment is conserved when using chemistry to make better, stronger plastics and reducing waste placed into landfills, and also developing plastics that can be easily recycled. 

One of the best rewards of studying chemistry is that you can understand chemistry jokes and memes like the ones throughout this article (found at 9gag.com, happysciencenotebook.blogspot.com, sciencenotes.org and pinterest.com). 

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