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At adidas Group, our love of sport drives who we are and what we do. But just as a ball is more than leather and thread, and a shoe more than padding and plastic, we are bigger than our products. We don’t just work to create faster shoes and lighter fabrics: We strive to help athletes everywhere perform their best. We believe that it’s hard work inventing the future of sport, and that’s why we love it; that when you push your limits, you make it possible for others to push theirs.

At adidas Group, this drive it what connects us, whether we’re working for TaylorMade, adidas, Reebok, or Rockport. We’re all working toward a future motivated by passion, original thinking, and the desire to build upon a proud legacy.

From design to production to logistics to technology, every role in all our brands is connected to this. Our roles span the range of our brands, as well as spanning the globe. No matter what you do, or what country or city you do it in, your work helps make greatness possible.



Senior Director, Environmental Health & Safety, Social & Environmental Affairs

Location: Hong Kong

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  • Develop the vision and strategy, and oversee the implementation, of the adidas Group’s environmental health and safety (EHS) management programme for all tiers of our global supply chain, from raw materials to the manufactured product.
  • Act across the company’s three sourcing regions: EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific and in concert with all relevant business entities, be these direct or indirect relationships, including licensees and agents.
  • Maintain the technical oversight and integrity of the adidas Group’s EHS programme, which is managed locally in each region.
  • Represent adidas Group in cross-industry collaborations, and in high-level government advisory committees and working groups, globally.
  • Lead and manage international, cross-disciplinary expert teams in resolving complex HSE-related issues and address stakeholder concerns wherever these arise around the world.
  • Through the pursuit of technical excellence, clear communications and transparency, ensure the ongoing recognition of adidas Group’s leadership in environmental sustainability in our industry.




  • To formulate strategies and develop and implementation plans for the delivery of effective EHS systems and practices across all tiers of our global supply chain, from raw materials to the manufactured product with due consideration to industry developments and initiatives such as the chemical management and Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Index, respectively.
  • Lead in the development of appropriate environmental and resource management strategies and sustainable manufacturing programmes, in relation to global supply chains and product development, engaging closely with relevant environmental and business experts in Group headquarters, within the brands and GOPS.
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders (for example, adidas Group GOPS staff and factory management) globally in order to integrate and align SEA programme requirements, including environmental and resource management strategies, into the larger business practices of the company.
  • Build and maintain industry partnerships and represent adidas Group in brand collaborations (such as SAC and ZDHC) and high level government advisory committees.

Risk Management

  • Advise the SEA Global Director and regional VPs on the delivery of the EHS Programme across the global supply chain and regularly review and identify the potential areas of risk with respect to EHS conditions and standards. Share recommendations on risk management opportunities /options and design strategies and deploy resources to reduce these risks.

Human Resources Planning & Management

  • Recruit and retain staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help further the company’s mission with respect to EHS
  • To supervise and direct line managers in each of the regional teams delivering the EHS programme in EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific and offer guidance to compliance staff in other parts of the adidas Group business.
  • Coach and mentor staff as appropriate to improve performance
  • Build a network of technical experts in EHS across the business and define training needs for internal teams and suppliers aimed at achieving the Group requirements in relation to environmental and safety topics.

Operational Planning & Management

  • Develop the relevant tools for the measurement of environmental performance, such as KPIs, and maintain their relevancy to the programme. Review opportunities to share and align these tools with external ones to drive industry standardization.
  • Develop the necessary tools to measure and report on waste, water and energy use and reduction as well as the greenhouse gases generated by supplier’ factories. Identify training opportunities to support achievement of continuous reduction in these environmental media and as well to drive innovative thinking and sustainable manufacturing practices within the supply chain.
  • Oversee the implementation of the environmental audit programme for finished goods and material suppliers of the adidas Group’s supply chain to ensure compliance with the Group’s guidelines and national regulations.
  • Lead the delivery of the Higg Index facility module (environment) and periodically review and define the inputs and interfaces with the Product and Brand modules. Liaise with internal headquarter staff and lead personnel within the adidas Group brands to advise them on supply chain related matters in their respective modules.  Act as the interface and gate-keeper between the adidas Group and the suppliers with respect to the Higg Index platform.
  • Work with GOPS Apparel, Footwear and Accessories’ Materials teams on the delivery of the adidas Group’s Chemical Management Guidelines, drive improvement in chemical management practices and test performance through periodic auditing of the material suppliers.



  • SEA Field Operations and SEA Program Operations teams in Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas;
  • Global Operations (HQ), adidas Brands, Global Sourcing heads and Sourcing personnel for individual brands;
  • Global Sourcing teams especially Materials and Manufacturing Excellence;
  • Other major departments, such as Legal and Corporate Communications;
  • Industry practitioners such as other brand representatives as well as third parties;
  • External stakeholders such as NGOs, Government bodies and International Institutions dealing with environmental sustainability;



  • Deep understanding of current international environmental, health & safety issues and the regulatory and policy positions of governments in key sourcing countries, globally
  • Strong communication skills, good written and verbal English and another Asian language, preferably Mandarin;
  • Extensive Project Management experience
  • Knowledge of excel and data management systems
  • Well versed with manufacturing operations as well as supply chain issues and environmental sustainability;
  • Experience in working collaboratively with others in industry associations and in multi-stakeholder initiatives



  • Degree in Engineering or Environmental Science;
  • A Master’s degree in Environment and / or Health & Safety;
  • A minimum of 15 years of solid work experience on supply chain, resource management and environmental assessments



Director, Social Environmental Affairs (SEA)

Location: Taiwan, Hong Kong OR China

Apply via this link:



• Support the development and oversee the roll out and implementation of the environmental programme aspects for the materials supply chain, with immediate priority on all direct suppliers but eventually covering indirect suppliers as well.
• Support the implementation of the environmental programme aspects for the finished goods supply chain where necessary
• Provide the expertise in chemicals management for materials on technical issues in the Global Supply Chain
• Work on strategic projects, activities and reports that achieve the goals (defined, assigned and updated biannually) defined in the SEA Global Targets




  • Engage in dialogue with third parties, including NGO, Government bodies and professional institutions to further the goals and transparency of the SEA programme.
  • Identify the areas of risk to adidas Group in respect of working conditions and standards as related to Environment, Health and Safety. Provide to the Director (EHS for Global Supply Chains) recommendations in respect of those risks, based on legal obligations and SEA requirements
  • Keep updated on all EHS legislation in the countries falling under scope and report any updates to the Director and other Senior Managers. Review any updates with own team members.
  • Input to and support the development of appropriate environmental and resource management strategies and sustainable manufacturing programmes for suppliers in the adidas Group’s material supply chain, engaging closely with relevant environmental and business experts
  • Preparation of periodic management reporting
  • Ensure that Reporting deadlines are communicated within the team and that submissions into EMeReT, FFC and any other relevant programme systems are accurate, on-time and in the requested format.
  • Identify requirements and further develop methods for advanced and improved reporting
  • Delivering ad-hoc analysis upon request for enquiries and analysis requests
  • Ensure alignment of programme across breadth of supply chain (between Divisions and Business Entities)

Environmental Programme

  • Align programme elements to the Group’s overarching environmental strategy
  • Provide oversight to the team’s training of all nominated suppliers, both direct and indirect, on the scope of the environmental programme (for Material Suppliers) and the use of all relevant tools including but not limited to the audit tools, Environmental KPI, Strategic Compliance Plan (SCP) and Environmental Metrics Reporting Tool (EMeReT).
  • Analyze the relevant Score Cards to track performance (i.e. EMeReT Coordinator Score Card, EMeReT Data Evaluation Score Card, Self Assessment Performance Score Card, etc.) of suppliers and relevant business entities to provide the Director (EHS for Global Supply Chain) with clear summary on supplier performance and direction for future capacity building in the supply chain.
  • Manage input into the annual supplier programme assessments (GASA & FACT)
  • Identify training needs of supplier base to support the overall drive towards and development of a self-governing supply chain. Working with relevant team members, lead the development of relevant technical training modules and / or identify external training modules to support suppliers’ internal capability enhancement.


  • Execute training to all suppliers on the use of EMeReT and drive accuracy of data that is reported by suppliers
  • Conduct annual data quality review and conduct statistical analysis of supplier-provided environmental and resource management data in the adidas Group’s EMeReT database
  • Deliver annual assessment report, including gap analysis and recommendations, for each supplier in the relevant and pre-specified product category and division.

HIGG Index Environmental Facilities Module (Finished Goods Supply Chain)

  • Ensure that all nominated suppliers on the Higg Index Environmental Facilities (Self Assessment) Module based on existing material and support the implementation process.
  • Conduct verification assessments of suppliers’ completed Higg Self Assessments and provide guidance to the suppliers in driving improvements. Where required, conduct any additional environmental audits of nominated factories and to work with them on addressing any issues identified.

Chemical Management Audit (CMA) (Materials Supply Chain)

  • Engage with relevant internal stakeholders to define supplier coverage within the material supply chain on annual basis across all Divisions and Business Entities
  • Oversee the implementation of the CMA for material suppliers and any other nominated suppliers in the countries falling under scope
  • Ensure timely completion and delivery of results from the Independent External Environmental Monitor (IEEM) that is commissioned to conduct the CMA
  • Tracking engagement and completion of CMAs and provide technical advice to help drive environmental improvement in supplier performance
  • Conduct annual IEEM performance evaluation




  • SEA EHS Team, Field Operations and where applicable Program Operations teams in Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas;
  • Sr Director Sourcing Footwear, Global Operations and local teams
  • Sr Director Operations and Strategy Footwear, Global Operations and local teams
  • Sr Director Sourcing Apparel, Global Operations and local teams


  • Local industry associations (environment, apparel & footwear, chemical, etc.)



  • Strong communication and presentation skills as well as good written and verbal English and
  • Chinese; any other regional (Asia Pacific) language is a plus Knowledge of Excel, Word, Powerpoint and data management systems
  • Strong analytical skills

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:

  • 6+ years experience in the area(s) of EHS / Industrial Hygiene / Manufacturing
  • Background in Engineering (Chemical / Process / Industrial / Environmental) and / or Manufacturing (Textile / Footwear)


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