Preparing For A Proctored Essay

16.3.3. Prepare to Take a Proctored Exam¶

Before you take a proctored exam, you set up the proctoring software on your computer, complete identity checks, and scan the area where you will take your exam. You might also have the option to take a practice exam. Set Up the Proctoring Software¶


When you open a proctored exam, you might have the option to take the exam with online proctoring or as a regular exam.

  • If you take the exam with proctoring, you set up the proctoring software and take your exam.
  • If you take the exam as a regular exam, the exam does not monitor you and does not have a time limit. However, you cannot receive credit for the course. You do not have a later option to take the exam as a proctored exam.

When you access a proctored exam in the course, a page opens that provides you with a link to download and install the online proctoring software.

  1. On the proctoring software page, locate and copy your exam code.


    This code is unique to your account and to this exam. You must not share this code, and you can use it only once.

  2. Select Start System Check to download the online proctoring software.


    Even if you have previously installed this software, you must install it again to make sure you have the latest version.

  3. When the download is complete, start the online proctoring software and follow the instructions on each page.

    If the system checks are successful, you are prompted to enter your unique exam code that you copied in step 1.

  4. In the online proctoring software window, paste the code into the Exam Code field, and then select Validate.

    If your exam code is valid, the name and duration of your exam appear.

  5. Select Next, and then read the information in the Terms of Use dialog box for the proctoring software. If you agree to the terms of use, select I agree.


    If you do not agree to the terms, select I don’t agree. You can then quit the online proctoring software and return to the edX course. However, you cannot receive credit for the course.

  6. On the Pre-Exam Advisory Information page, read the advisory information, and then select Next.

    A software check runs to determine if any prohibited programs are running on your computer.

  7. After the check runs, close any programs that the software specifies.

If you encounter any issues, select Contact Support in the proctoring software window to contact technical support. Take a Picture of Your Photo ID¶

You must use your webcam to take a picture of a government-issued photo ID that has your photo and your name on the same side. The name on this ID must match the full name you use in your edX account.


If you do not complete this photo ID step, you cannot receive a Satisfactory result for your proctoring review, and you cannot purchase academic credit for the course.

  1. Follow the instructions to hold your card up to the webcam and position it in the frame. When you are ready to take the photo, select Take ID Photo.

  2. Preview and confirm the photo of your ID.

  3. If the picture is clear and legible, select the checkbox and select Confirm Photo ID.

    If the picture is not clear, select Retake to try again. Scan Your Desk and Room Using Your Webcam¶

You must scan the desk and room in which you will take the exam using your webcam. The video is used to confirm that there are no unauthorized materials on your desk or table, under your desk or table, or in the room.


You must complete a webcam scan of the room every time you take a proctored exam. You do not have to take all of your proctored exams in the same room.

  1. In the proctoring software window, select Start Room Scan.

  2. Move your webcam so that it captures the area on your desk as well as under your desk, then pan around the room.


    If you cannot move your webcam, use a mirror to show the webcam your desk, under your desk, and areas around the room. You must also show the webcam both sides of the mirror you use, to prove that nothing is written on the back of the mirror.

  3. Select Stop Room Scan when you have finished videoing the requested areas.

  4. Preview and confirm the room and desk scan.

  5. If the room and desk scan clearly shows your test environment, select the checkbox and select Confirm Room/Desk Scan.


    Although you can select the checkbox, you must wait until the recorded scan has finished replaying before you can select Confirm Room/Desk Scan.

    If you are not satisfied with the scan, select Retake to try again. Take a Photo of Yourself¶

You receive a prompt to take a photo of yourself using your webcam.

  1. Follow the instructions to position yourself in front of your webcam.

  2. When you are ready to take the photo, select Take User Photo.

    There is a countdown before the camera takes the photo.

  3. Preview and confirm that your photo is clear, and can be used to verify that you are the same person as in the photo ID.

  4. If the photo is clear, select the checkbox and select Confirm User Photo.

    If the photo is not clear, select Retake User Photo to try again.

When you have completed all the setup and verification steps, you see a page that has a Your Proctoring Session Has Started message. You have successfully set up the proctoring software, and the software has started recording a proctoring session.


You must not close this browser page until you have finished your exam.

Return to the browser window where you were accessing the exam on, and begin the exam. Take a Practice Proctored Exam¶

Your course might include an optional practice proctored exam so that you can make sure you can set up proctored exams on your computer. The practice exam usually includes several example problems. The proctoring session for this exam is not reviewed, and this exam is not graded.


Practice exams do not affect your grade or your eligibility for credit.

To take a practice proctored exam, follow these steps.

  1. In the course, open the practice exam.

  2. On the practice exam page, select Yes, I want to take this practice exam with online proctoring.

  3. Follow the steps in Set Up the Proctoring Software to download and install the proctoring software and perform system and identity checks.

    When you have successfully set up the proctoring software, your proctoring session starts.

  4. Begin the exam.

    1. Keep the proctoring software window open.
    2. Return to the edX page where you copied your exam code.
    3. Select Start Proctored Exam.
  5. When you have completed all the questions, end the exam.

    1. On the timer bar, select End My Exam.
    2. Close the proctoring software browser window.
    3. When you receive a prompt, confirm that you want to quit the application.

After you complete the practice exam, the result page for the exam is visible in the exam browser window. For a practice exam, two results are possible.

  • Your practice proctored exam is complete: You completed the exam and experienced no issues with the proctoring software.
  • Your practice proctored exam failed: You completed the exam, but there were issues with the proctoring software. Some parts of the proctoring checks might have failed, or the proctoring software window might have closed before the exam ended.

You can retry a practice exam as many times as you want to. If you received a Failed result on your practice exam, you should try to fix any issues and take the practice exam again until you achieve a Completed result. Doing so will help you to make sure you can successfully take an actual proctored exam in the course.

If you continue to have problems with the proctoring software, select Contact Support in the proctoring software window.

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These works by edX Inc. are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Applicants to Portland area Nursing Programs for 2015 - page 3

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    Where did you take history of the new/old testament?? I've struggled finding one.
    Congrats on your acceptance! Financial aid will follow much later, and provided you applied early enough, UP will generally give a generous financial aid package. Additionally, your best bet for a New/Old Testament class is at Mount Hood CC. Also, our requirements for last year were, if you take a 4 credit world religions class, you only needed 1 new or old testament class. However, if your world religions was 3, you needed to take both. It is my recommendation that you check in with them to ensure that is still the requirement, and if so, take your world religions requirement at PCC as MHCC was 3 only credits. Good luck!
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  4. Hey PCC applicants, time to check your PCC Email! Just got an email about the proctered essay on April 9th.
  5. Mar 27, '15 by Margaret Baker
    I also just got my email. My slot is on 4/14. So excited and nervous! Does anyone have any tips on preparing to the proctered essay?
  6. Isn't April 9th the day you need to RSVP by? I have my proctored essay on 4/14 at 9am! Super excited!
  7. Mar 27, '15 by Margaret Baker
    Quote from KimberlyAbalahin
    Isn't April 9th the day you need to RSVP by? I have my proctored essay on 4/14 at 9am! Super excited!
    That's the slot I've RSVPed for as well! One of my other friends was thinking they told you the essay prompts before hand but I don't think that's the case. At least I didn't receive anything in my email.
  8. I didn't receive anything in my email either! Good luck to ya! Maybe we'll see each other ahaha. (I should update my prof pic)
  9. Hi all! I interviewed with OHSU's AccBacc program and just found out I did not get in, but am on the alternate list. I also got an invite for the proctored essay from PCC... my appointment is April 16 at 1pm. CCC sent out point verification emails yesterday and will send out interview invitations the week after next. MHCC will send out interview invites in mid-April. Good luck to everyone!! @Margaret Baker - give yourself plenty of time to get to your interview on time (plan for parking, walking in, check in, etc.) - that will help with the anxiety! Also, find some practice prompts online. There are other threads on regarding the proctored essay interview portion. Good luck!
  10. You are right, haha. Great reading comprehension on my part.

    Quote from KimberlyAbalahin
    Isn't April 9th the day you need to RSVP by? I have my proctored essay on 4/14 at 9am! Super excited!
  11. Just got an email from MHCC for an interview! Now just waiting on Clackamas...
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    How many points did you have for PCC? Just curious everyone.
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    I'm also curious about how the waiting list (or alternate list) works. Is it a separate email?

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