Essay On Public Examinations Should Be Abolished

Exam is a word that most students fear off. A word that has a magic power to change a happy person into a frustrated and nervous one. However, it is a big part of the school that all students have to go through. There are advantages in exams, but there are people who think the opposite that exams have more disadvantages to the students and should be abolished.

Some people say that exams should not be abolished, because they say that exams are the only way for teachers to see the student’s level, it builds high sense of responsibilities, and it gives him pressure that will be useful for him later in his life. The students also compete with not only themselves, but with other people. They do not want to see an increase in their knowledge. They want to beat their classmates to be on top of the class. Another reason is when the student knows that his hard work has paid off, he will feel a self satisfaction inside of him and he will be so proud of himself. So, those people who say that exams should not be abolished think of exams as a self test to see where the students are, and how good they do.

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I personally think that exams should be abolished. Because exams are stressful and they do not show real results of the student’s hard work and mental ability. They favor people who are gifted or have good memory and good exam techniques, and neglect the less able students who actually need the most help. Even though, those who have good memories may not be very smart during the classes and may not understand most of what they are memorizing. In addition, teachers may grade student papers differently. Sometimes the same teacher will give the student a different mark to the same paper after a few months. Another important reason I think is that students should not be judged on their performance on one day. For example, if a student got sick before the exam and he could not study well and got a bad grade or failed with the fact that he is an “A” student. Therefore, I do not think it is fair for him.

Finally, there are always going to be people who are with or against taking exams. It is a controversial issue in all countries. However, I believe in regular testing through out the year. I say doing projects during the year, grades for participation after every lesson, and having weekly assessment is the best solution and the most fair approach for this debate.

Essay on School Examinations Should Be Abolished

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Examinations, as we know it, have emerged to be the main facet of modern education in the ever-changing landscape of academia. In an education infrastructure that is as unpredictable as the clouds, it is somewhat ironic that the system of examinations as a means of judging a student’s ability has prevailed through the years. Every person, in their quest for knowledge, would inevitably encounter numerous modes of examinations throughout the course of their academic journey. As much importance has been attached to it in virtually every academic institutions across the globe, the voices of those who lobby for its eradication are seldom heard, let alone be considered seriously. There are various reasons for policymakers to initiate a rethink…show more content…

As the rigid examination system goes, he would be labeled and remembered for his mediocre results in the examination, and not for the sterling performances he consistently displays in the daily assignments. It does not help that, through many years of societal developments and evolutions, the adults of our world have grossly incorrect mindsets on the topic of examinations. More emphasis is placed on examinations just because they are the sole mode of assessment that counts in the final grading. As much as the general public loves to refute, our society is driven by an extremely judgmental mindset which marginalize those without distinctions or notable achievements in their academic pursuits. It is simply wrong and unjust to base a student’s intelligence and ability on a single examination.

The fact that daily assignments are neglected leaves us with another point to ponder over. If it has come to the student’s realization that pieces of work which are handed out daily are unimportant, won’t he then turn a blind eye to punctuality and accountability? Procrastination, time’s greatest thief, would soon entail for his perception of these “irrelevant” assignments has been distorted to a great extent. This would, in turn, lead to many different problems, for instance the constant reminder to hand in assignments and students losing any notion of urgency. As much as the student is not benefiting from the homework, the

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