Francis Ouimet Scholarship Essay

Who We Are

Founded in 1949, The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund is considered The Golf Charity of Massachusetts™.

A 501 (c) (3) organization, The Ouimet Fund’s purpose is to help deserving young men and women who have worked at golf courses in Massachusetts obtain a college education.  We provide need-based undergraduate scholarships which are renewable and can be worth up to $10,000 – $40,000 (or more) for four years.  The Ouimet Fund is the largest independent scholarship fund in New England.


Ouimet Fund Mission Statement

The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund is committed to providing need-based scholarship aid to students who have demonstrated a strong work ethic by having completed at least two years of service to golf.  The Ouimet Fund rewards accomplishment through the competitive, renewable award.  The Fund is dedicated to providing the golfing community with an opportunity to “give back to golf” and society by assisting youth in furthering their education.  The Fund also seeks to preserve the history of Francis Ouimet’s contributions to American golf.


Vision Statement

The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund promotes the character building aspects of golf in the tradition of Francis Ouimet.  The Fund is unique among golf charities with great potential for growth through support from Alumni, volunteer leadership and the golfing community.  The Fund is dedicated to fostering growth of the caddie programs throughout the region, thereby broadening the scope of Scholars to create a more diverse group of Scholars and Alumni.  Opportunities are plentiful for Trustees, Board Members and volunteer leaders to participate and become involved in activities that will move The Fund to a greater level of financial assistance for Ouimet Scholars.



Is the Ouimet Fund a tax-exempt organization?
Yes, The Fund is an official 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, is considered The Golf Charity of Massachusetts™ and has been since its inception in 1949.  The Ouimet Fund’s tax ID # is 04-2234126.


How much is given out each year in need-based Scholarships?
Since 1949, The Fund has awarded nearly $34 Million dollars in need-based financial aid to 5,700 college students who have worked in the game of golf in Massachusetts for at least two years.  In the 2017 – 2018 academic year alone, The Fund will award $2 Million in need-based financial aid.


What is the expense ratio of the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund?
For the last five fiscal years, The Fund is proud to say that we have maintained an administrative expense ratio under 10%. When compared to other charities of similar size, the Ouimet Fund is on a par, or better, in terms of expense ratio.  Any clubs or potential donors that wish to inquire further about The Fund’s programs may call 774.430.9090.


Who is awarded the money raised by The Fund?
All Ouimet Scholarship candidates must have performed at least two years service to golf as caddies, or in pro shop or grounds crew operations at any course in Massachusetts.  The candidate must plan to be a full-time student at an accredited institution of undergraduate higher education.  Students may apply as seniors in high school or during their college career.


What is the difference between Ouimet Scholars and Ouimet Honorary Scholars?
The difference between Ouimet Scholars and Ouimet Honorary Scholars is very simple.  Ouimet Scholars are those students who have gone through the review and interview process, have qualified, and have certified financial need. Ouimet Honorary Scholars have gone through the same rigorous interview process, have qualified, but DO NOT qualify to receive any financial award.  Despite not receiving a monetary award, the designation of Ouimet Scholar is a great honor and helps them tap into the vast network of fellow Ouimet Scholars currently in the work force.


How do potential Ouimet Scholars qualify to receive financial aid?
Potential Ouimet Scholars qualify for financial assistance through official financial data profiles (FAFSA/CSS Profile).  These forms (the same used by colleges and universities), determine whether a student is eligible for financial aid, and how much financial aid is needed.  Very few scholarship organizations have access to this information.


Where does the money for Scholarships come from?
Money for the Ouimet Scholarships comes from many different programs and fundraising initiatives.  First, the Bag Tag program is supported by the many golf clubs throughout Massachusetts. This program is the backbone of the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund, and helps to raise over 30% of The Fund’s total revenue per year, 100% of which goes towards Scholarships which are given to club employees/former employees. The Golf Marathon is another major annual fundraiser, which has raised over $5 Million in its 24 years of existence. Another large source of funds is the Annual Banquet, which has honored some of the biggest names in golf for the past 15+ years. The most recent 2017 Banquet honored Nick Price. The Fund’s Centennial Gala featured Arnold Palmer, Peter Jacobsen, Mark Frost, and Bill Paxton, and honored Francis Ouimet with 2,100 attendees. One of our fastest growing initiatives is our Endowed Scholarships, which are established in the name of people or organizations, and are a great way to permanently associate a person or group with golf, education, and the Ouimet Fund. Other major donors contribute through the Ouimet Society, which has over 150 Lifetime Members. These members gather every year to play in golf outings, which raise money for The Fund, and often times collectively create permanently Endowed Scholarships. The Fund is also supported by our Alumni and many other outside outings and fundraisers to which it is greatly appreciative. So many people are involved with the Ouimet Fund to help students achieve their goals.


What are the deadlines for application to become a Ouimet Scholar?
To request an application package, please visit the Application Process page to request an online application or contact The Fund at 774.430.9090.  Along with the online application, applicants must submit recommendations from a guidance counselor and three club officials, complete an essay, be interviewed, and submit official grade transcripts and various official (FAFSA & CSS/Profile) financial data.


Where can I purchase Ouimet Fund merchandise?

On the Ouimet Webstore >>

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